The Talk Will Give Sharon Osbourne $10 Million to Talk Somewhere Else About Being Racist: Report

The Talk Will Give Sharon Osbourne $10 Million to Talk Somewhere Else About Being Racist: Report
Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne and The Talk have parted ways after 11 years together, and neither party is all that sad to see the other one go. But according to
Page Six, Osbourne will be leaving with a little bit more than a commemorative mug. Another anonymous source (that is definitely probably not Sharon or her husband or one of her kids) told Page Six the longtime host would be walking away with “a $5 to $10 million minimum payout” and seemingly no condition that she does not discuss what happened at the show at any point in the future. Everyone is a winner here.

Osbourne’s departure from the show came after she said some racist shit, cried about being called a racist, and then doubled down on everything by claiming she had dirt on the show. Meanwhile, the real dirt is that Osbourne had been making racially insensitive comments for years, and no one stopped her.

But now, Osbourne is free to move slowly back into the obscure depths from which she arose. That, of course, is highly unlikely as she now seems to be on some sort of crusade to prove that she isn’t racist, and that the real villains are The Talk’s showrunners who failed to prepare a seasoned talk show host about a topic that was being discussed on every platform imaginable on the face of this earth. If Osbourne does have any juicy secrets about what was going down behind the scenes of The Talk for the last decade, then perhaps she can pop on over to Medium and type up a guest blog about it instead of seeming to hide behind thinly veiled threats from anonymous sources. Or she can take her hush money and live her life. Nice to have options.

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