The Trailer for Assassination Nation Is One Long Trigger Warning, Which Tells You Everything


Earlier this year, a movie starring Bella Thorne, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, and Maude Apatow premiered at Sundance to loud—if mixed—reviews and an immediate bidding war which was ultimately won by Neon, who tends to release movies that are tonally and aesthetically similar to A24’s, but considerably less good. That movie is called Assassination Nation.

Here’s a plot summary:

Salem high school senior Lily and her pals spend their time in a haze of social media and partying. When the people of Salem are targeted in a malicious data hack, all privacy is destroyed and lives are ruined as deadly secrets are exposed. The small town turns on each other and descends into violent chaos as they hunt for the culprit. Lily and her friends must band together if they want to survive the night.

The first trailer was released Thursday, and acts as a teaser-length trigger warning for the final film. There will be sexism! Drinking! Weapons! Blood! Abuse! Death! Homophobia! Transphobia! Kidnapping! Torture! Gore! Fragile male egos! But will there be anything good? Despite a few glowing reviews, I’m unconvinced.

Note: I saw a headline referring to this as “The Purge for the digital age” and thought, “The Purge is only five years old,” so I guess I’ll call it “The Purge for the Bella Thorne age,” as that feels a little more descriptive.

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