The Trump Presidency, Pictured


In a blustering show of giant crayon availability, or more likely laughing along with the small-hands dick joke of the Trump presidency (still going strong!), Kim Jong Un’s “right-hand man” and former spy chief Kim Yong Chol delivered a giant ass letter to the president yesterday.

IT IS HARD TO IMAGINE THAT HE WOULD HAVE TROUBLE READING WHATEVER IS INSIDE THERE UNLESS IT IS CONFETTI. Or a comically small letter, a bunch of raffle tickets, nothing, or perhaps a series of increasingly smaller envelopes like Russian nesting dolls also filled with nothing.

As we noted yesterday, Trump told reporters that the letter was “very nice,” then admitted he hadn’t read it, saying that Kim Yong Chol told him to “read it later,” adding, “I might be in for a big surprise, folks!” And then the White House confirmed to NBC News that he had read it, but no longer mentioned anything about the nature of its contents, just that there were “no surprises.” The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a foreign government official, the letter “expresses the North Korean leader’s interest in meeting without making any significant concessions or threats.”

Kim Yong Chol oversaw the North Korean intelligence agency RGB while it was thought to have been responsible for the 2014 Sony hacks and a 2010 torpedo attack on a South Korean naval ship which killed 46 people. Trump said the meeting went very well and is now calling the back-on Singapore summit a “getting to know you meeting-plus”…thing.

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