The Week in Gaga


Between the launch of her new perfume and London Fashion Week, Lady Gaga has been out and about all week long, alternating her looks between retro chic, a fairy princess, and something from Battlefield Earth. Here, we compile seven days worth of clothing in the life of Lady Gaga.

Gaga started the week out in London. She as spotted leaving her hotel looking like the suffragist mom from Mary Poppins. Later she was hanging out in a pretty princess dress with sparkling nails. Then she visited the Tate Modern in a headdress.

By Thursday, she was in New York to celebrate the launch of her fragrance. She arrived at the event in a horse-drawn carriage shaped like her perfume bottle, wearing an outfit shaped like her perfume bottle.

She basically almost broke her ankle.

Inside, she took off her bottle to reveal something that was very, very close to a conventional outfit. (She was still wearing a bottle in her hair, though).

She zipped back to London to attend Fashion Week. She opened Phillip Treacy’s Michael Jackson-themed show, in what must’ve been a look inspired by when MJ used to make his kids where scarves and masks. The mouse ears are another Phillip Treacy design. She was snapped leaving her hotel in a T-shirt and large, multi-layered skirt.

Sitting front row at Phillip Treacy, she looked like an aisle in the dollar store.

Cunt purse.

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