The Worst Red Carpet We Have Ever Seen


To put it succinctly, people choose poorly at the People’s Choice Awards.

The Good:

First, let’s make it clear that by “Good” I really mean “Okay.” But we were grading on a curve here! Exhibit A: Taylor Swift, in fairy princess mode. Is it my favorite of her looks? No. Is the matching shoe a little sugary? Yes. It says something about this assemblage that this was both one of the most interesting and prettiest getups. J. Mendel, if I’m not mistaken.

At least Minka Kelly’s doing something inventive with texture. Even if the purse may be a case of too many cooks. But the Cluny lace has a pretty, vintagey look.

This is more an endorsement of Kim K going classic, over-the-top Jayne Mansfield bombshell, which I really think is a good direction for her, philosophically and otherwise! I would even support a Rock Hunter remake.

80’s-Style Bundles of Fabric

80’s-style bundles of fabric were common enough that they rated their own category. And they ran the gamut. Emma Roberts’ Dior was one of the prettiest.

Autumn Reeser’s, one of the fluffiest.

Kate Walsh models the pared-down version.

Nicole Dabeau goes full on ’89.

The Bad

Where to even start with Amanda Michalka? Is she coming from work? Is her “work” a community theatre production of Cabaret? There must be an explanation!

Maybe her sister Alyson can give us an answer! Or…not…

This I will say for Selena Gomez: she looks like a life-sized Barbie. Also, not like someone who deserves a lot of semi-literate death threats.

See, it’s hard, because who doesn’t endorse this message? And you kind of feel like a hater (or is that h8ter? See what I did there?) putting it down. But at the same time…yeah.

I will never forgive Nancy O’Dell for getting Austin kicked off. Never.

Henceforth, “that’s so Raven” will mean “fetish pirate” crossed with “Adam Ant” with a dash of “old New Orleans.” It will not be intended as a compliment.

Kathy Griffin’s dress is weirdly stiff, like King Midas accidentally bumped into her.

He got Lucy Hale, too.

Sometimes Cat Deeley looks great. Other times, apparently, she looks like she’s going to Junior Prom, her mom did her makeup, and her mom is Baby Jane.

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