The Year's 10 Biggest Celebrity Gossip Stories


Some big stuff went down in Celebland this year: Cheating, rehab, hookers, blow, engagements, adoptions, and offensive tirades! Here are the top ten stories that kept us enthralled.

Lindsay Lohan cried in court, went to jail, and then to rehab.

Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn battled over who had done what in Haiti following the devastating earthquake. Wyclef wanted to be president… but then withdrew from the race.

Michael Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer, and became the subject of a Star magazine death watch. He currently seems to be doing quite well.

In an audio tape, Mel Gibson ranted to his ladyfriend: “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault.” He also called Winona Ryder an oven-dodger. So: Racist, aniti-semitic, abusive asshole. Got it.

Charlie Sheen was either drunk and naked or coked up and pantsless. Either way, there was an “escort” involved.

Taylor Swift released her album, which included a song called “Dear John.” It seemed to be about her relationship with John “The Player” Mayer, with lyrics like: It was wrong/Don’t you think nineteen’s too young/To be played…

Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged; copy-cat rings suddenly materialized.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt started dressing like a tomboy, got a haircut and all hell broke loose. Even GLAAD weighed in. (Angelina, on the defensive, had to explain that Shiloh “begged” to have her hair cut short.)

Sandra Bullock’s husband was revealed to be a liar, a cheater and a possible Nazi enthusiast.

Last, but not least: Sandra Bullock bounced back with a secret baby. Yes, the woman who played a white lady who brought a black youth into her home became a white lady who brought a black youth into her home. All’s well that ends well!

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