This Brilliant Plant Grows Both French Fries and Ketchup


Um, the only that might make this better if it grew both chocolate and peanut butter. (Ladies, am I right???)

Introducing the TomTato plant, which is basically a vine of cherry tomatoes attached to potato roots. Imagined by the geniuses at horticultural company Thompson & Morgan, the combination works because tomatoes and potatoes are in the same plant family.

Food Beast explains:

The science behind it goes something like this: the fruit and vegetable are initally planted and grown separately, but after a few weeks, the tomatoes are cut off the stem. Then they’re matched up to potato stems, eventually fusing together to create nutritional pathways. Both foods remain just as they would solo, the only difference being shared energy sources. Thus, the TomTato is born!

Um, who is about to harvest this and make the first plant-to-plate French fry restaurant? I will be your first customer, and I’m bringing an empty stomach, the contents of my bank account, and my undying devotion to the potato/tomato combo.

[Food Beast]

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