This Downton Abbey Board Game Will Destroy Your Friendships


If you need a birthday gift for a Downton Abbey superfan, look no further: Via the Daily Mail, here is an actual board game based on the show. Because you can only play Settlers of Catan for so many hours before someone gets knifed.

You play as a maid or footman, moving around the board as quickly as possible to complete tasks and collect as many bells as possible. But you’ll face challenges!

Along the way, a player can land on a ‘Carson Card’ space and have to take a card, which could either help or hinder them. On other spaces, the players may have to collect a ‘Letter’ which could call them away from the Abbey, slowing them down, or costing them bells!
And which route will they take? A short easy looking one to get a job done earning only one bell, or a longer route with the possibility of collecting a higher reward?

I cannot wait to play this drunk.

It must be noted for all the Dowager Countess devotees that you cannot play as a member of the family. But of course that would make the game entirely too tedious, as the only tasks would be “brood” (Lady Mary), “get jilted” (Lady Edith, poor thing), or “fuck something up again” (Lord Grantham).

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