This Four-Year-Old Girl Genius Is Smarter Than You Are


Meet Anala Beevers of New Orleans. This wunderkind learned the alphabet when she was four months old, and mastered numbers when she was 18 months old. Oh yeah, numbers in Spanish. And what have you done today?

Anala is as smart as she is adorable — and maybe that’s condescending considering she can sweep the floor with me, intellectually — but this four-year-old is just so damn cute. And she already knows the location and capital of every state.

Anala’s brilliant, and she knows it. She proudly proclaims that she’s brighter than both of her parents, and they agree. Who else agrees? MENSA. You know, group for people who are in the top two-percent of the population, intelligence-wise. Anala, however, isn’t content to be in the top two-percent with the rest of the dummies, nope — this little MENSA member joins Geena Davis and a slew of other hot nerds in the top one-percent.

I ask again: What have you done today?

As adorable as this genius junior mint is, can you imagine how hard it must be to live with a four year old who is smarter than you are? Constantly being schooled by someone who is two feet tall would probably start to wear on the proudest of parents. Also, if she has any siblings, they are screwed.

“She keeps us on our toes,” says Anala’s father Landon about the tiny Einstein (Tinestein?), who imagines his daughter would be great on her own reality show. Ugh no, Landon! Or maybe yes? I’m conflicted. One one hand, the world doesn’t need another child with their own cable platform. On the other hand, LOOK AT HER.

As for Anala, she says she’d like to be a nurse when she grows up. So, uh, if you’re in a hospital in NOLA in the upcoming year and your doctor only comes up to your knees, just know that you’ve been Doogie Howsered, and that you’re in good, if itty bitty, hands.


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