This Haunted Box Might Be the Reason Post Malone Is Lowkey Cursed For Life


Post Malone (who is an extremely successful young musician who recently performed at the VMAs, to anyone prepared to scream “I’m old!!!” in the comments) is having a hard time. First, a plane he was traveling on last month had its tires blown off after takeoff and needed to make an emergency landing. Then, he was an involved in an awful car crash and some robbers tried to rob his house (but went to the wrong residence.) And all of his misfortune may be the fault of a haunted box.

TMZ reports that Post Malone was hanging out with Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures, a Travel Channel show where Bagans and others investigate the world’s most haunted places. Malone was hanging out in Bagans’ very own haunted museum along with a “dybbuk box,” which I guess holds a dybbuk, which in Jewish tradition is the misplaced soul of a dead person. The spirit then enters a living person (usually a sick person) and uses their body as their own. You might have heard of them from the movie The Possession, which was inspired by a real life Ebay posting back in 2003 who bought the box from a 103-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Anyway, Bagans says he took off the dybbuk box’s protective shield, he touched the box, and then Post Malone touched him, so now he’s likely cursed. Happens to the best of us.

All I can say to Post Malone is get yourself to an exorcising rabbi immediately. Immediately!!!

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