This Is What Happens When You Accuse Jake Paul of Sexual Assault

This Is What Happens When You Accuse Jake Paul of Sexual Assault
Image:Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Last Friday, Justine Paradise, a 24-year-old with a substantial following on TikTok posted a video on YouTube alleging that she’d been
sexually assaulted by Jake Paul, another YouTuber who has recently taken an interest in boxing. According to Paradise’s video, the assault took place in Paul’s bedroom at his home, known as the Team 10 House, in 2019. Paradise says she kept quiet because she signed an NDA before entering the Team 10 House and reveals that she was under the impression that she could legally not discuss anything that happened in the home after signing the NDA.

Paradise’s video starts off tentatively: She asks viewers to withhold comments or questions until the end and states up front that she will include text message evidence. Her fear, which is palpable throughout the video, is understandable considering Jake Paul has over 20 million subscribers, some of whom have started harassing Paradise on TikTok. Already, there are several comments on Paradise’s TikTok and YouTube pages accusing her of making a false accusation against Paul for the sake of “clout.”

She dives into how she met Paul—through mutual friends—and she repeatedly describes as socially awkward with the behavior of a “middle school crush.” According to Paradise, Paul invited her into his room where the two began kissing. Paradise said she consented to kissing but was uncomfortable when Paul attempted to touch her and move her hand onto other areas of his body. Paradise said she made it clear she was unwilling to do anything more than kissing adding, “Normally everybody respects me when I don’t want to do sexual things.”

Allegedly, Paul became exasperated by her refusals and he got up from the bed, “undid his pants, grabbed [Paradise’s] face and started fucking [her] face.” Paradise said that she was unable to move or speak because of Paul gripping her head and shoving his penis into her mouth, where he ejaculated “less than 30 seconds later,” according to Paradise.

Paradise claims that she and Paul had no communication after the assault although she did reach out to him several times, which she shows in the video, because she wanted to talk to him about the alleged incident. Paul has yet to comment on the accusation and continues to train for an upcoming celebrity boxing match. Paul was also recently featured with his brother in a segment for the WWE. He has not been formally charged with assault.

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