This Mysterious Celeb Real Estate Blogger Has Finally Been Revealed


Scrolling through the blog Yolanda’s Little Black Book, you might wonder: who is “Yolanda” and how on Earth does she know the ins and outs of celebrity real estate so well?

For the past two years Yolanda’s Little Black Book has chronicled the highly confidential celeb real estate market all with snarky commentary and frequent use of the words “kiddies” and “gurls.” “We regret to inform you that Mr. Styles is not living with Mr. Tomlinson or anyone else at the moment — at least so it would seem,” she wrote in a post about Harry Styles’ new house. “The first thing to note about the Grimes property is that the house does not have a garage,” she wrote on another post about Grimes’ new Pasadena home. “Oh dear! Where will babygurl charge her Tesla?”

And this has reportedly bugged real estate agents in Los Angeles, as these deals are typically super secretive and involve NDAs. But the Los Angeles Times found that “Yolanda” is actually Jim McClain, who was previously a finance manager for brokerage firm Compass. The LA Times reports that Compass includes clients like the Kardashians, Ashton Kutcher, Lucy Liu and that the company’s deals have made up a great deal of the blog’s posts. McClain knew all this, one employee says, because he was cutting the checks for buyers and sellers and thus knew when deals were closing. How scandalous!

As “Yolanda” might say: well kiddies, looks like we have a lawsuit coming at your gurl. You can read the full investigation here.

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