This Questionable Slender Man Movie Looks Scary as Hell 


The inevitable Slender Man horror movie is finally here, because apparently the fact that he inspired a real life murder isn’t horrifying enough!

You might remember that Slender Man first appeared as a creepypasta meme on the forum Something Awful, created by Eric Knudsen. This movie, which comes out in May and is directed by The Losers’ Sylvain White, has a disturbingly minimalist trailer, all graveyards and dark forests that look like they’ve been covered in an Instagram filter. “Where is my daughter? People don’t just disappear,” a voice asks.

While Slender Man barely makes an appearance, from the trailer it seems like he appears to possess a bunch of teenage girls. “He gets in your head, like a virus,” one girl warns. And considering the fact that the character actually inspired two young girls to murder another just four years ago, a story that was turned into a documentary last year, the movie’s existence is a questionable. Will I probably still be there in theaters to see it? Yes, yes indeed.

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