Mocking Hipster Brags and Emo Politics


Today is a wonderful day for mocking online publications.

This Vice parody Twitter account is prolific and spot on:

The Hairpin also adeptly ridiculed Upworthy headlines (my friend Rachel once called their content “emo-politics”). Examples:

Watch These Astonished Cattle Ranchers React When A Brave Vegetarian Tells Them That Cows Are Animals And Not Just Plants That Shit A Lot And Can Also Walk
You Are Going To Think These Poor Kids Playing Soccer In The Dirt Are Amazing. We Dare You Not To Cry When You Realize They Don’t Have Feet
What This Vietnamese Nail Salon Worker Says To The White Woman Who Told Her “Uh, The Detailing On My Flower Sucks” Will Make You Realize Working In A Nail Salon Could Be Awesome

Feel free to carry on (in Siberia, on peyote).

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