This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Impeachment Musings and My Sweet Release


For 30 grueling weeks, I have diligently watched every episode of The View, paying extra-close attention to each mind-numbing thought that came out of Meghan McCain’s mouth. Today, I am finally free.

For the last time, please enjoy this compilation of McCain’s greatest hits from this week’s episodes of The View. She must have known our series was coming to a close and rolled out the red carpet for me, making sure to spar with Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, praise Tulsi Gabbard’s “balls of steel” for voting “present” on impeachment, and continue her inexplicable support of Andrew Yang for no reason other than his cheery disposition (famously, the only quality necessary in a President).

Since beginning the This Week In Meghan McCain series, I have learned all about McCain’s strange obsessions; from her father, to her cacti, to David Spade and Dolly Parton, and in turn, I became strangely obsessed with her. This assignment famously began as a way for former Jezebel editor Katie McDonough to savagely prank me into watching five hours of McCain’s bumbling nonsense every week, but the joke was on her as I soon began updating the entire Jezebel staff every time McCain did or said anything remotely noteworthy. Much like McCain herself, I refused to suffer in silence.

Yet perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned over 30 draining episodes of this series was that although McCain should certainly not have a national platform from which to spew utter nonsense on the daily, neither should any of the other co-hosts of this cursed program (except for Sunny Hostin, who can do whatever she wants forever).

Every episode of The View would end with me slamming my head into my desk as I listened to Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, and Joy Behar congratulate themselves (and be congratulated) for helming a show that may have once been groundbreaking, but is now just a platform for women in progressive sheep’s clothing to spread moderate ideas. They constantly pass off criticism of the show and its hosts as blatant sexism, and while I’m sure misogyny plays a significant part in how The View is received, their refusal to examine their own blind spots with more depth is discouraging to say the least.

Viewers may be irritated with McCain as the show’s token conservative, and rightfully so. She has said incendiary things about everything from abortion, to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, to Brett Kavanaugh, but if there is really any justice in this world, The View would be canceled altogether.

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