This Week In Meghan McCain Brings Us Praise For Joe Biden And a Promise to Never Walk Naked Through Whoopi Goldberg's House


The only thing Meghan McCain likes talking about more than her father is the idea of her parents watching her have sex. For someone who doesn’t seem keen on the concept, she sure spends a lot of time thinking about it.

This week, McCain’s The View co-hosts teased her a tiny bit more than usual and it’s becoming clear that she is over it. Despite being exhausted from having to interact with people who don’t share her beliefs, McCain still managed to have some fun—borrowing a custom bedazzled jacket ten seconds after gifting it to American Idol winner Laine Hardy, and threatening to amputate her own legs. As is customary, she also snuck in some kind words for her two great loves, Joe Biden and her father.

I know you’re tired, Meghan. Good thing it’s a long weekend.

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