Time for the BeyHive to Hack Rome


While it’s unclear what Beyoncé was trying to rent it out for (a video shoot, a slumber party for Blue Ivy), recent reports indicate that Bey was trying to casually rent out the entire Roman Colosseum.

NME reports via the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero that Beyoncé filed a request with the local government to rent out the landmark for July 7 and 8. But she was *gasp* DENIED because the Italian scientist Alberto Angela had already reserved the space those days. Alberto who?????????

Even though Beyoncé has reportedly already filed a new request (dates unknown), it seems like its time for the Beyhive to hack Rome. All of it. Just hack the whole city. Leak any incriminating photos of Renaissance paintings! Do your worst, BeyHive!*

*Not that Jezebel would personally advocate such actions.

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