Tinder-Inspired Dating Comedy Gives Us World's Most Oblivious Dude


This couple who met on dating app called “Timber” are having the most uncomfortable date ever but only one of them seems to realize it.

Local Attraction (the first part of a planned webseries) by Connor Hines is all about “finding love in your radius.” And God does that process seem to actually suck. In the video, we get a blogger from Brooklyn who meets a handsome turd of a finance guy via an app called Timber. There are so many funny moments the video, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

I will say two things: Hines, who plays the finance dude, is insanely handsome (WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE GENES? WHY) and he is also wickedly brilliant as this character. He helps rich people get richer, but don’t bother asking him for any advice because there’s a “two million [dollar] minimum.” Everything he says will make you want to laugh your ass off at him and then punch him in the face. I love him. But I also want him to be nowhere near me ever.

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