Tom Cruise Talks About All His Children On The View


On The View today, Tom Cruise seemed almost too normal, like he may have been thinking, “how would a guy who doesn’t jump on couches answer that?” during his entire visit.

However, we were impressed that when Elisabeth started gushing about the brilliance of budding fashionista Suri, Tom said that everyone thinks their own child is incredible, “but I feel that way about all three of our kids.” Though the ladies of The View tried to find out whether 16-year-old Bella is dating yet, Tom didn’t really answer and explained that the kids don’t like him sharing details about their personal lives. He did talk about going to his son Connor’s audition to play a young Will Smith in Seven Pounds, and said he’s proud he won the role himself. Connor may indeed be a fine actor, but having Will Smith and Tom Cruise walk into the audition room with you can’t hurt. Clip above.

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