Tracy Chapman Sues Nicki Minaj for Stealing (Borrowing?) Her Song


Baby, can Nicki Minaj have this sample?

It turns out Tracy Chapman was not ignoring Nicki Minaj’s requests to get in contact with her to use the song “Baby Can I Hold You” on Queen. Back in August, Minaj was trying to get in touch with Chapman, tweeting at her to hit her up to clear a sample of hers. Eventually, Minaj released the song “Sorry,” which uses a sample of Chapman’s record, even though she admitted herself that the singer-songwriter denied Minaj’s requests for the sample in a since-deleted tweet.

But even though “Sorry” didn’t make it on the official Queen album release, Chapman is reportedly suing Minaj for using the sample without her permission. TMZ reports that Chapman claims the song uses half her lyrics and the vocal melody of “Sorry,” and while Minaj didn’t put it on the album, it was played on Hot 97 and the Breakfast Club. Chapman is now prohibiting Minaj from releasing the song again and requested damages for effectively stealing the sample.

I guess forgive me is all Nicki can say.

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