Trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, the Making-of-Mary Poppins Movie Is Here


We’ve got Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers in a film from The Blind Side director, John Lee Hancock — is it Oscar season yet? Well, maybe not, but the movie comes out in December, so there’s plenty of time to shove it down everyone’s throat with a spoon full of sugar.

Since the film is from Disney, expect a very sympathetic portrayal of the Mouse King himself. Plus, casting Tom Hanks couldn’t have been an accident — it’s proven impossible for Tom Hanks to be anything but the most lovable. Of course, Emma Thompson looks tops as the uptight author who just needs to have her bun shook loose by a fast-talking charming feller.

In real life, that never actually happened — Travers hated the film adaptation of her beloved children’s books. In fact, she blackballed Disney from doing anything else with the would-be Poppins franchise. She died in 1996, so we’ll never know what she thinks of this film — but dammit, the trailer does make it all look pretty damn magical.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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