Triumphant Canadian Gardener Announces He's Grown the World's Longest Cucumber


Feeling pretty impressed with your prosperous patch of tomato plants? Or did you abandon your herb garden halfway through June? Either way, get ready to feel like a slouch: A dude in British Columbia says he’s grown a world record-breaking 44.5-inch cucumber.

CBC’s As It Happens reports on the triumph of Daniel Tomelin. He put a lot of work into this cucumber. “It’s from synergistic gardening, where I’ve done deep mulch gardening, and just covering up the soil all the time with organic matter,” he said.

The current, Guinness-approved record stands at 41.5 inches, which means Tomelin should have a winner on his hands. He has submitted his paperwork; now it’s merely a matter of waiting. “I’ve had replies via email, saying that it has been acknowledged and accepted, and now they’re going to do their due process so they’ll send the actual documentation paper within six weeks,” he explained.

Tomelin has built a four-foot-tall jar and plans to pickle the cucumber. Best of luck, Daniel.

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Photo via Shutterstock.

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