Trump on Roe v. Wade: 'You Never Know How That's Gonna Turn Out' 


In an interview with Fox News, the president did his best to hold his cards close to his vest as to whether he’s vetting Supreme Court nominees based on their position on overturning Roe v. Wade—which is to say, he was extremely candid about his administration’s strategy.

“Are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on Roe v. Wade?” Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump.

“Well that’s a big one, probably not,” he replied, nodding to the apparent fact that his advisors are pushing him to keep his nominee’s abortion views tactfully ambiguous—as certain GOP senators claim weakly to believe in precedent, and assert inaccurately that Justice Gorsuch respects precedent—so that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will confirm them to the Supreme Court, where they can can then promptly deprive people in conservative states of the right to a safe and legal abortion. “They’re all saying, don’t do that, don’t do that, you shouldn’t do that. But I’m putting conservative people on,” Trump said.

Bartiromo noted that on the campaign trail, Trump had said he’d advocated leaving abortion rights up to the states, i.e. overturning Roe.

“Well, maybe someday it will be [up] to the states, you never know how that’s gonna turn out, that’s a very complex question,” he replied. “But we’ll see what happens.”

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