Trump's 'Filing System' Involves Ripping Up Important Documents 


Donald Trump can’t stop, won’t stop tearing shit up.

According to a number of recently fired White House staffers who spoke to Politico, the president’s unofficial “filing system” involves ripping up documents (“newspaper clips… invitations… letters from constituents or lawmakers”) once he’s done reading and/or scribbling dicks all over them.

“It was the craziest thing ever. He ripped papers into tiny pieces,” said 54-year-old Solomon Lartey, who was fired with no explanation in March.

Lartey and other staffers reportedly asked the president to please stop doing that because the Presidential Records Act mandates that all presidential documents be preserved. Nevertheless, he persisted, forcing them to piece the documents back together “like a jigsaw puzzle.”

“We got Scotch tape, the clear kind,” Lartey told Politico. “You found pieces and taped them back together and then you gave it back to the supervisor.”

Trump’s unofficial “filing system” was still in place “as recently as this spring,” Politico reports.

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