Um, Rihanna Kissed Chris Brown Last Night at the MTV Awards

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You guys. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, you guys. Last night Rihanna and Chris Brown kissed at the VMAs before he jumped onstage to accept an award for “Please Turn Up The Music,” although he’s supposedly still dating Karruche Tran. OH, and that time he beat the shit out of her three years ago and sent her to the hospital. That.

They’re still “good friends,” and it’s been rumored throughout the summer that they’ve been canoodling in on her yacht in St. Tropez. This is particularly unsurprising because of Ri-Ri’s turn on Oprah’s Next Chapter, where she sort of defended Brown as a person and compared him favorably to her father (who hit her mother regularly). Ohh, Ri-Ri. You break my heart. Blurry-ass pic at the link. [Radar Online]

Robsten stepped out at two separate events last night: Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of On the Road and Robert Pattinson appeared with most of the Twilight cast to premiere a 90-second teaser for Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the VMAs.

Stewart, who looked decidedly :/, skipped reporters’ questions and signed one Twilight fan’s poster that read: “Talent, beauty, strength and courage, we stand by you, Kristen always.” [NYDN]

R-Patz hugged Rihanna and everyone’s like OOOOOOOOOH at the lunch table. [Gather Celebs]

Macaulay Culkin painted a picture of the Seinfeld cast naked and discussed it with two glassy-eyed gentlemen who are in his “art collective.” I am concerned.

Prince Harry is taking his penis back to Afghanistan for four months, where his fellow soldiers have reportedly stuck up for him since the whole naked picture episode. [Guardian UK]

Now you, too, can drink a bottle of rosé with Harry’s bare ass on it. (It’s called “Royal Blush.”) [HuffPo]

Who would have guessed that Ryan Lochte wasn’t gonna be good at covering New York Fashion Week? Wait, everyone? Well, E! took a gamble on him, and it didn’t go well. A rep says: “E! is regretting the decision. Even after media training, he’s still not sharp.” Go figure.

This was really just an excuse to stare at a .gif that a benevolent commenter left for us, which has two important things in common with Casablanca: 1) You watch it over and over, and 2) You always hope it’ll end differently. [Page Six]

  • Look at Miley Cyrus’ new website, if you, like, want to. [E! Online]
  • There was an earthquake this morning in Los Angeles and Kelly Osbourne, Fred Durst and Jason Alexander felt the earth, move, under their feet. [RumorFix]
  • Carson Daly and his wife Siri Pinter had a kid and named her Etta Jones. [People]
  • Taylor Swift crowdsurfed at the VMAs. [Daily Mail]
  • The VMAs were also the site of Katy Perry’s liplock with little oyster cracker One Direction bandboy Niall Horan. [Daily Mail]
  • After Ashton Kutcher’s disastrous ad campaign, here’s Katy Perry, new Popchips spokesperson. [Ad Week]
  • Yoko Ono designed some Swarovski keys, the theme of which is “Unlocking The Door To A Better Life.” [Express]
  • Liza Minnelli stuck up for Lindsay Lohan because she is a Beneficent Priestess: “She’s lovely. She’s a good actress.” [Page Six]
  • Enrique Iglesias got offered a spot on American Idol. [Vulture]
  • Mariah Carey gave a spontaneous concert at the Carlyle Hotel when the band invited her to join in. [Page Six]
  • Take a lesson from Tom Brokaw and be careful with your Ambien. [HuffPo]
  • Meryl Streep gives interviews for her movies Hope Springs but actually kind of depresses me: “‘Women have their antennae up more. It is all self-preservation, they want the relationship to work. Women make a religion of relationships. They study how to make them work, while men do not, as a generalization.” Meryl, hope is not springing? What are you doing? [Monsters and Critics]
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