Unapologetic Mother Gives Botox Injections To 8-Year-Old Daughter


A mother who’s been administering botox injections on her own daughter’s face — for purely aesthetic reasons, mind you — has decided to share her side of the situation on morning television. What the fucking fuck.

8-year-old Brittany is a part of the pageant circuit — an activity that Brittany’s mother says influenced her daughter’s desire to rid her face of “wrinkles.” She skirts around the blame, suggesting that other moms kept mentioning the “lines” on her daughter’s face, and that “a lot of the kids making a big impression about the lines [on her face] probably influenced her to want to do [botox] a little bit more.” (Side note: I’m 99.9% sure said “wrinkles” and “lines” can also be described as adorable dimples on the face of a child.)

She insists that she is not the only mother giving her daughter injections in this circle of pageant moms — everyone’s jumping off the bridge, you see! — and says she’s been getting the procedure done on herself for a very long time. She wouldn’t reveal who gives her access to the bBotox (probably for fear of a deluge of hate mail) but said her “trusted source” is “behind the doctor scene and everything.” Which doesn’t sound shady at all.

What does this adult procedure feel like for a kid? Brittany said “it hurts” and she cried “a little,” but now she’s gotten used to the pain. Not surprisingly, Brittany’s mother has also tried some other beauty procedures on her daughter. Brittany once waxed her legs, but only once because “it was super, super hard to deal with.” As for why she wanted to get it done in the first place, she said it was “because I just don’t think it’s lady-like to have hair on your legs.” Or anywhere else, Brittany. Best to prep for that now.

In the end, her mother still chalks up giving her daughter botox to the “tough world” of child pageantry, and did not show an inkling of remorse. Though Brittany seems completely okay with getting the procedure done — mother knows best, after all — the psychological ramifications that come from this kind of fucked-up shit will likely echo throughout her whole life.

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