Utah State Senator Will Not Be Bullied By Constituents Into Reading the Bill He Sponsored

Utah State Senator Will Not Be Bullied By Constituents Into Reading the Bill He Sponsored
Image:Rick Bowmer (AP)

It’s always truly distressing to see constituents attempt to bully public servants into public servitude with outrageous demands like “vote in my best interests” and “read all the laws that you’re voting on before you vote on them.” Luckily one brave Utah lawmaker is taking a stand for lawmakers everywhere: proudly declaring that he will not read the bills on which he is to vote even if they are the very bills he is sponsoring, becoming basically a Norma Rae for spoiled, lazy people all over the country, nay, all over the world.

Utah State Senator Todd Weiler first made his brave plea for lazy people’s rights when he tweeted: “Pro tip: Stop emailing the #utleg to “vote no on HB 38″ because (1) we’re not smart enough to memorize 800 bills each session; (2) what’s HB 38? (3) Like, why? and (4) I am tired and am probably not going to look it up.”

Other Twitter users with more knowledge of the subject than Todd Weiler were quick to point out that the bill, which “requires a digital resource provider to ensure that the digital resource provider’s products used in public schools block ‘obscene or pornographic material,’” is sponsored by Weiler himself. However, like any good statesman, Weiler was not about to let things like “facts” get in the way of his social media clapbacks.

“You’re TIRED?!?!” once of Weiler’s rabid antagonists demanded. “Sounds like it might be time to get you a big long break next election.” To which Weiler replied, “That sounds nice.”

You know what, a nice break does sound nice, Todd. I’m going to remember this ironclad argument for “too much words to read” as an obvious indicator of untenable working conditions the next time my very cruel bosses demand I “do some research” in order to “write accurate information.” Tired people of the world who don’t want to read even though it’s literally our job, unite!

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