Video: Teen Takes Selfie Every Day for Seven Years


“They grow up so fast.”

I’ve heard that a million times, either from listening to my mom and her friends talk about me or from other friends who are parents, bemoaning their children growing out of their adorable baby clothes and into more grownup attire. This video really encapsulates the fleeting nature of youth, that thing we all cling and sort of resent simultaneously. Hugo Cornellier, 19, took a selfie every day since he was 12. Sure, this sort of thing has been done over and over, but there’s something about the transformation of Cornellier from doe-eyed pre-teen to full on MAN that makes this video so captivating.

“I was taking selfies before it was mainstream,” Cornellier wrote on YouTube.

This post reminds me of my nephew (HI DOUG!) who in my mind is perpetually an adorable 10-year-old who likes to draw comic books and laugh at cartoons. Except in reality, he’s a grown man building a life and career. Looking at him now makes it easy to understand why mother still calls me to remind me to brush my teeth and wear warm socks when it gets cold. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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