Viktor And Rolf: The (Slightly Wacky) Art Of Layers


At the Viktor and Rolf Ready-to-Wear Fall 2010 runway show in Paris earlier today, the designers took a hands-on, performance art approach, removing several layers of clothing from model and muse Kristen McMenamy as the show went on:

As Jenny Barchfield of the AP reports, McMenamy started the show in an oversized creation, and then “waddled over to a rotating platform, set into the middle of the catwalk, and Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren started stripping off layer after layer, like the skin of an onion or Russian stacking dolls.”

Here she is in a marvelous yet insanely-oversized ensemble. Can you imagine someone getting into a car in this? Oh, the hilarity that would ensue.

But the designers went to work…

removing layer…

after layer…

after layer…

after layer…

..and after several more layers were removed, McNameny was left in this bustier.

Other models went through similar processes, which explains the multi-layered collection, which consisted of everything from this short outfit…

to this oversized fur coat.

Black was the predominant color in the collection, showing up in coats, boots, and hats.

And, naturally, in gowns.

Everything seemed made to match and layer…

although the classic Viktor and Rolf touches, like the slightly wacky shoulders on this coat, are always present as well.

And while the performance art aspect of the show was certainly a nice creative touch, to me, it’s dresses like this that are truly memorable.

Lindsay Lohan is a big fan.

And Beth Ditto is too.

But are you?

Viktor And Rolf Do Performance Art Show [ABC News]

[All Images Via Getty.]

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