Vintage Makeup Ads Turn You From Loser To Irresistible!


We’d love these 30s ads for the gorgeous artwork alone, but the weird copy makes them truly fascinating.

We don’t know who these Parisiennes are claiming you can’t buy love, but we do know that these ads seem to be divided between the wistful blondes…

And the confident, dark-eyed beauties who seem to have achieved irresistible-ness!

“On your next adventure, apply a touch of perfume to your hair, on your lips, your throat and behind your ears. A drop, too, on your lingerie is so feminine and so exciting.” Wait, on your lips? No wonder this one looks pensive and lonely. Her mouth tastes like musky base-notes with a powdery finish.

See, you can tell this one’s achieved Irresistible status because she bears the hallmark of true luxury: ermine and orchids. Because she can.

1930s Ad Campaign For Irresistible Perfume [PZR Services]

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