Viola Davis Will Issue A Beatdown To Integrate New England, Win Beauty Pageant


Viola Davis – up for an Oscar for Doubt – was on the Tonight Show last night. I haven’t seen Doubt, nor heard Ms. Davis interviewed before, but she was all sorts of awesome.

Ms. Davis came on after Bill Maher, who himself was all fired up about various issues (Republicans, Michael Phelps, Kellogg’s, A-Rod, American obesity) but the heretofore unknown (to me) actress managed to upstage Bill’s earlier hysterics and carefully-rehearsed punchlines, with topics including growing up in Rhode Island, Sanford & Son, second-hand bikinis and urination accidents. Half the time I had no idea what she was talking about – it was late! – but I was left with two distinct thoughts: 1) I hope she wins the Oscar, if just for the awesome speech she’ll give, and 2) the Tonight Show greenroom must have some serious Pinot grigio.

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