Vogue's 'Queen B' Cover Isn't All That Regal


In today’s Dirt Bag, we mentioned that Beyoncé’s Vogue cover had been leaked to the internet at large. While Bey looks undoubtedly beautiful on the Power Issue — her double winged eye liner, arched eyebrows and darker hair color are all downright enviable — couldn’t they have done something besides the whole Audrey Hepburn-Breakfast at Tiffany’s thing that they’ve done so many times before?

The photo is a definite improvement from the last time Beyoncé covered Vogue, but it’s still a bit Snoozeville, USA. They’re touting her as Queen B, for Christ’s sake! Where’s the McQueen? Where’s the gold breast plate? Where’s the drama? Why didn’t Vogue take a page from Beyoncé’s own tour promo? We wanted Sasha Fierce, but — womp womp — all we got was Kate Middleton.

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