Voice-over Nerds Rejoice Because the Trailer for In A World is Here


For those who found Lake Bell’s nerdy bumbling hot girl to be the absolutely best part of No Strings Attached and who also happens to be fascinated with voice over actors, look no further than the trailer for Bell’s new movie In A World, which she wrote, directed and stars in.

Bell describes the film – which got picked up Sundance for wide release – as the story of “A two-bit female vocal coach who finds herself in a father-daughter competition of sorts, because her dad is sort of the patriarch of the movie trailer voiceover world.” She said she wanted to write it because of her fascination with the industry, but also because she “had seen father-son competition in other ways and it seemed like a fresh interesting idea to have a daughter dealing with that,” adding that “family disfunction” is interesting to her. Plus, women battling ingrained sexism in a field dominated by men? Oscar bait! (Eh, unlikely.)

The cast includes: Tig Notaro being her amazing self, Demetri Martin as Bell’s probable love interest, Nick Offerman being cranky and fantastic, Eva Longoria as herself, Ken Marino doing some sort of sexy porn star voice, Geena Davis and Jeff Garlin. Bell’s dad is played by Frank Melamed, an actor who has done tons of voice work and was once “the sound of the Olympics” according to his IMDB page. Wouldn’t being able to say, “Well, I was the sound of the Olympics” be the best thing ever?

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