Want to Cheat On Your Spouse Without Fear of Judgement? Go to France!


Recently, the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project surveyed people in 40 different countries around the world about issues of morality, like sex, drinking, and gambling. They found that the Czech Republic was most accepting of gay lifestyles, Chile was the most relaxed about divorce and France is among the few countries where people are don’t consider extramarital affairs to be a moral issue.

Vox converted all of the data into easy-to-read maps, but here’s the gist of it:

  • The Czech Republic, France, Japan and Chile are slightly more okay about cheating on your spouse than other countries, with 12-17% of their polled population not finding it morally objectionable.
  • 40% of the French did not think it was a moral issue.
  • 0% of people polled in Pakistan or Lebanon think it’s morally okay to have an affair.
  • Japan is the most down with drinking booze, with 66% of people saying they have no moral objection to drinking.
  • 16% of people polled in the U.S. are morally against consuming alcohol.
  • Japan and the Czech Republic were the countries with the highest percentages of people who found abortion morally acceptable.
  • 92% of individuals polled in the Philippines felt the opposite.
  • Argentina, Chile and the Czech Republic were the most open-minded about divorce.
  • Spain (55%) and the Czech Republic (56%) had the largest population of people who found homosexuality morally acceptable.
  • 98% of people polled in Ghana do not.

I’ll bet Prague’s a pretty fun town.

Image via Shutterstock.

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