Washington State Mom Shocked, Shocked! At Daughter's "Graphic" Sex Ed Book


Ouch, my delicate sensibilities!

A mother in Washington State is protesting the school’s issuance of a sex ed book that discusses, among other things, masturbation.

The book, “What’s the Big Secret,” which is allowed at the Oak Harbor School District, shows how boys and girls differ and talks about “different types of touching.”
“This is one of the first that definitely caught my eye, talking about masturbation when you are 10 years old. What do you need to read that for? I’m not so upset about the book itself. I think they should be sending home permission slips, making sure parents are aware that the book is there,” she told the website.

I suspect that the mother in question is upset that her daughter is learning about The Big Secret before she is. I’m not sure that I even know The Big Secret.

Washington State Mom Files Complaint Against School Sex Ed Book [Fox]

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