Watch Bow Wow Watch His Own Awkward Grammys Moment and Crack Himself Up


Shad Moss, also known as Bow Wow to some, appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with Who where he explained what exactly happened with his Grammys opening screw-up.

According to Moss, fellow host Nancy is somewhat to blame for his pre-show fail. “As we’re going down the loading dock, Nancy gets up, she has her heels and she’s running,” he tells James Corden. “Because she has these heels on, it’s delaying everything.” Of course, always blame the lady!

When producers asked him to stretch for time, Moss says he decided to “improv.” A veteran host in that situation would think on their feet, maybe grill an audience member, toss a joke or have a useless fact prepared. Bow Wow danced. “The one thing that clicked in my mind was just keep the show moving. No matter what, no dead air,” he says. Great job.

Unfortunately, he didn’t explain the tie.

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