Watch George Clooney Talk Trash About The Gwyneth Paltrow VF Drama


This behind-the-scenes video of Annie Leibovitz’s shoot for Vanity Fair‘s “20th Annual Hollywood Issue” has a rather nice surprise tidbit, featuring America’s Favorite Charmer, George Clooney.

In case you don’t know, Clooney’s been in the news lately, thanks to rumors that Gwyneth Paltrow had coerced him into boycotting appearing in Vanity Fair. The fun here starts right at the beginning when the interviewer asks Clooney and Julia Roberts (who is rocking some great hair in that footage) how they feel about being in the issue. Clooney, who lately has become known for being one to speak his mind about his fellow celeb actors, let loose a pretty cool joke:

“I’m very excited about it; I think it’s going to be fun,” says Clooney. “That’s what Gwyneth Paltrow told me to say.”


“What the hell was that about?” asks Clooney, laughing. “Why did I get pulled into that one?”

It’s all very silly and totally adorable. And it’s times like this when, much like when I’m watching the old Top Gun volleyball scene, it dawns on me why this man is a famous sex symbol in the first place. Sigh, George. No wonder my mom keeps asking me “have you met George Clooney yet????” when I tell her write for a celebrity news blog.

lover you sometimes cheat on your boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch with,
Idris Elba, is also in the video, kind of adorably talking about getting
to be photographed with Clooney and Roberts. But honestly, the rest of the video is pretty much just ridiculously beautiful people, wearing expensive clothes, spending the day getting their picture taken and talking about what it’s like to get their picture taken with each other. Watch this only if you have a steady supply of wine handy.

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