Watch Lil' Kim Go 'Undercover' as a Pregnant Indian Woman


On this week’s episode of Oxygen’s new show Celebrities Undercover, Lil’ Kim pretended to be a her own biggest fan – a pregnant Indian woman named Jamilla – in order to listen to her “true” fans talk about her and see if they are really “true” to her.

Celebrities Undercover is almost exactly like the cancelled CW show H8R. Both follows celebrities like Kim Kardashian hiding their “true” identities with the use of prosthetics and wigs in order to interact with plebs. Produced by Wendy Williams, Celebrities Undercover follows said celebrities “to find out what unsuspecting fans and friends really think of them without the distraction of their famous personas.” (H8R was slightly different in that it featured said famous people confronting their “haters” who specifically did not like them.)

“Oh my goodness, it was so interesting to see what some of my fans said about me,” Lil’ Kim said in her episode of Celebrities Undercover. She was clearly touched by this moving exchange:

Fan #1: She taught me how to suck dick.
Fan #2: Lil’ Kim taught you how to suck dick?
Fan #1: You gotta learn from somewhere.

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