Watch Sarah Silverman's Painfully Awkward Interview


Surprisingly enough, Sarah Silverman joking about her therapist hanging himself didn’t go over well with the Bonnie Hunt Show audience. Sarah tried to win them back by talking about her 15-year-old dog, then Bonnie pointed out he’ll probably die soon.

Sarah has done other daytime TV interviews this week to promote her book The Bedwetter, and while some audiences didn’t get her humor (perhaps she just isn’t funny, or didn’t want to make an effort), Bonnie displays an incredible ability to make the interview even more uncomfortable.

The audience is still with Sarah when she makes a Jew joke, and even when she starts getting into some heavy stuff about having depression as a teen, but the therapist suicide story bombs. Bonnie tries to salvage the interview by telling Sarah:

Don’t be uncomfortable. This is what’s nice being able to talk to you. You know, if you read the book you’ll learn it, but you are extremely talented from a certain perspective that might be hard for some people to understand — and when they understand the ideology of it, your humor becomes more sophisticated than it might appear.

It’s a sweet attempt to explain to her viewers that Sarah isn’t as horrible and racist as she may seem. At least that lady in the aqua-green blazer seems to buy it:

If Bonnie wanted to put everyone at ease, pointing out when Sarah misspeaks, joking about how Sarah just wants the interview to be over, and informing her that her dog’s days are numbered was not the best way to go about it.

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