Watch The Tearful Moment a Judge Realizes Suspect Is Childhood Friend


You expect people to get emotional in court, but it’s very rare that the person dropping the feelings is the judge In this case, however, Florida judge Mindy Glazer got the shock of her life when Arthur Booth, the man brought before her for burglary and grand theft was “the nicest kid” she knew in middle school.

The video, which can be seen above, is very emotional. It picks up with a very non-standard question from Glazer: “Did you go to Nautilus Middle School.”

What follows is a reunion that might work better than any scared straight program out there. Glazer tells Booth that she’s always wondered what happened to him and says that she hopes that he can lead a lawful life after his current legal troubles have been sentenced.

“Nicest kid in middle school,” Glazer tells the court before remembering how she and Booth used to play football together. “It’s sad to see you there,” she says to a weeping Booth who’s recognized Glazer as well and can’t keep his emotions in check. It’s pretty much heartbreaking all around.

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