We Regret to Inform You Ed Hardy Is Back in Style

Addison Rae and a host of TikTokers wore some questionable fashions in WeHo last night

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Image: BACKGRID (Backgrid)

Addison Raw has been a busy little bee these last few months. Her Tesla is pink, she’s filmed with the Kardashians, and has been spotted by nosy photographers all over the WeHo party circuit, stuffed to the brim with fellow TikTokers, seemingly desperate for something to make them feel anything at all. Her latest stop was Carter Gregory’s birthday party. He’s a fellow social media star, and the rest explains itself. What’s important here is what she wore: An Ed Hardy ensemble ripped right from your worst memories of 2002.

That’s correct. Addison Rae was seen in Ed Hardy. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve spotted one of her cohorts in this cursed brand, but this go-around feels different. Rae’s ensemble reads like a marketing ploy filtered through a stylist who’s only ever seen pictures of 2002. Fun fact: Rae came into this world on October 6, 2000.

The entire lineup at the party seemed desperate to emulate an extremely specific early-aughts vibe. Carter himself was dressed like Cam’ron in his iconic baby pink muffler and jacket. Nikita Dragun wore lowrise jeans to accentuate the whale tail, white Stassie Baby debuted a polyester recreation of the Xtina era. Olivia Jade was even dressed like her mom during the Full House years. Was this a costume party, perhaps? I genuinely can’t tell. I think they all just want to look like this—especially Rae, who’s been seen in similar fits prior to Carter’s bday bash.

Truly, TikTokers can wear whatever they please. The longer I sit with it though, the more I cannot find a justifiable reason to rock Ed Hardy, of all things? At least throw a Von Dutch hat on.

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