Wedding Crashers Apologize after Their Drunken Antics Go Viral


Two randos who thought it would be fun to sneak into the wedding of total strangers probably weren’t expecting their tomfoolery to bite them in the ass. But that’s pretty much exactly what happened when footage of them including several posed pictures went viral on Facebook.

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly’s wedding took place back in January of this year at the Valley Forge Hotel and Casino in Pennsylvania. When they noticed the two very unfamiliar guests chatting up their friends and family, dancing, and more devastatingly, drinking their booze, their wedding coordinator promptly escorted the two out without incident. But when Lamlin and Reilly received their wedding video footage and photos, it appeared the crashers made more of an impression than initially thought. They were everywhere. So in true internet sleuth fashion, the newlyweds took to Facebook, posting pictures of the crashers in an attempt to figure out who the hell these people were.

After the photos of the mystery couple went viral, the crashers reached out to Lamlin on Facebook to apologize. Apparently, they were just bored guests of the hotel that were just looking for something fun to do. They explained to Lamlin that they had never done anything like this before, and didn’t plan on doing it again.

Lamlin accepted their apology—after all this did happen a few months ago—but still. Crashing a wedding, something that takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and money is a pretty awful thing to do. That’s not your day and it’s not your business. But letting yourself get photographed? That’s just sloppy handiwork, goddamit.

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