Weedster May Have Been Too Much For Us To Handle


Today is a very very special day. In a most spectacular convergence, everyone’s favorite candy-related New Testament holiday has fallen on April 20, which also happens to be everyone’s favorite weed-related holiday. The event has lovingly been dubbed ‘Weedster,’ and it’s basically Haley’s comet meets the Blood Moon. (To emphasize the importance of the occasion, I’d like to point out that the next time Easter falls on April 20 will be in 2025.)

Honestly, it kind of feels like the build-up was far more entertaining and exciting than the actual day. But while we lowly types mull about, looking at pictures of bunnies looking like they’re stoned, it’s hard to tell if more celebrities are taking time to celebrate Easter or 420.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that hard to tell which one people are at least Tweeting about. But one thing is for certain—in an ironic twist of fate, outspoken (or should I say outsmoken) stoner Miley Cyrus will not be partaking in 420 festivities.

You know when Miley Cyrus is not partaking in 420, something is deeply wrong in the universe. Maybe the combined power of Easter and 420 was simply too much for us to handle. I mean the idea of resurrection in a heightened state of paranoia is already a terrible idea, so perhaps we humans just weren’t ready for this.

Any good Weedster celebrations out there?

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