We're Halfway To Hell

We're Halfway To Hell
Illustration:Jim Cooke (Gizmodo Media Group)

Hello! The midterm season has so far been awful and is only going to get more awful as we get closer to Election Day; the worst part of it might be our collective awareness that as bad as things are now, they are only going to get worse. It is 2018, and so we are all pitched precisely between an unspeakably awful election and one that doesn’t bear thinking about; right now, we are halfway to hell.

Gizmodo Media Group’s reporters have been, are, and will be out all over the country, checking in on what’s happening. We are not attempting to be all-encompassing with this coverage, but instead are keying in on areas where we have something to offer that speaks to the broader issues surrounding our slow descent into a hellworld. Splinter has looked into just what is happening in the California senatorial campaign; Lifehacker has delivered a comprehensive guide to just how you can register to vote; The Root will be interrogating every one of the African-American candidates running for a governorship; generally, all of our sites are reporting on things specific to their and your areas of interest that you can and will be able to read about here.

Subscribe to our newsletter here or check back on this site to keep up on what reporters from all our sites are keeping up on; send us information about terrible candidates we should know more about here; and, most importantly, go get registered and ready to vote. This may all be as lousy as anything could be, but it will only be more so without your participation.

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