What Could Numerology Queen Jennifer Aniston's '11 11' Tattoo Possibly Mean?

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What Could Numerology Queen Jennifer Aniston's '11 11' Tattoo Possibly Mean?
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Jennifer Aniston loves hair care and hydration. She loves a chunky highlight, aviator sunglasses, and a good pair of jeans. She loves Reese Witherspoon, and teasing Friends conspiracy theorists about a reboot that will likely never happen. But most especially, Jennifer Aniston loves her late dog Norman, a Welsh Corgie-Terrier who died in 2011. Is the “11 11″ tattoo on her wrist her last surviving connection to him? The tabloids seem to think so.

Sources EXCLUSIVELY tell People that Jennifer Aniston loves Norman, a lot. Most already knew that, but these sources stress: No, she really loves that dog a whole bunch—enough to dedicate not one, but two tattoos to him. Wow! That’s a lot of tattoos. The first is on her foot—Norman’s name in cursive font—but fans already knew that. Perhaps it symbolizes all the walks she took with him because, you know, feet are for walking.

The same gossips also tell People that Jen is a spiritual person, but again, anyone who keeps up with the Mistress of Moisturizer knew that. Regardless, “11 11″ is said to be a highly potent symbol, as it represents both the year Norman died and Jen’s birthday, February 11. It’s almost like the universe lined up at that moment, specifically, to craft such an arcane rune as “11 11.”

In honor of Norman, and Jen’s spiritual offerings, remember to look at the clock each time it strikes 11:11. Perhaps you’ll hear his howls, as he gallops with his other angel dog friends across the fields of night, in their endless wanderings through the eternal land. Maybe, someday, we’ll all join him. [People]

Caitlyn Jenner often goes golfing with the best of them. Actually, who knows, but she has gone golfing with Gigi Gorgeous, a fact I think about near constantly, and sometimes text my colleague Harron Walker about at 3 a.m.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. The news here is that Caitlyn Jenner went golfing with bad man Peter Weber, known to many as Pilot Peter, or the terminally love-deficient Bachelor who trundled his way through the heartbreaks of about 50 women onscreen. (Is that how many contestants they stuff on The Bachelor? My mind is slipping.)

Now, why did they go golfing? I legitimately do not have the brain capacity at this particular moment to understand. The only clue offered by either party comes by way of Jenner’s Instagram caption, which reads: “Fun day of golf with the Weber’s! Wisdom and maturity won over youth and enthusiasm.”

OK. I’m just going to let this wash over me.

Somehow I missed this the first time around but Miss Quad finally had her baby!!!

Here is something nice!

Demi Lovato loves love.

Erykah Badu is going to be Teyana Taylor’s midwife for the birth of her next baby.

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