What If Everything Had An "Undo" Button?


Gmail recently unveiled a new email feature, the “undo” button, that allows users to “take back” an email within 10 seconds of sending it, which will surely save millions from the dreaded “reply all” mistake.

The world, sadly, doesn’t offer as many “take backs,” and as of today, there’s no method of retracting stupid statements that fly out of our mouths within 10 seconds of saying them. There are excuses, and apologies, but for the most part, life doesn’t offer many “undo” situations. But let’s just imagine we live in a Bedknobs and Broomsticks type universe wherein Professor Emelius Browne could supply us with such a thing. If you had a chance to undo anything, what would you choose to undo?

At first, I came up with a list that included several bad middle school haircuts, things I yelled at my parents during my extremely moody adolescence, decisions on what to major in at school, certain relationships, the majority of clothing I bought at Contempo Casuals in 1995, and every single encounter I’ve ever had with gin. But upon further reflection I’m not sure I’d undo any of those things; some were embarrassing, some were heartbreaking, and some were incredibly stupid, but all of the mistakes I’ve made have made me who I am, and without going through a period of shitty or awkward times, none of us would ever appreciate how nice it is to pull it together and finally feel comfortable just doing our own thing.

However, I would totally undo my “trademark” of wearing glitter all over my fucking face in 1999. I know, you guys. I KNOW! 10 years later I’m still picking it out of my hair. Tragic!

So what say you, commenters? Is there anything you would undo, if you had the chance?

Gmail’s New “Undo Send” Feature Saves You From Outbox Regret [Wired]

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