What's All This About Drew Barrymore's Underpants? 

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Three truths about Drew Barrymore: her Poison Ivy performance remains unparalleled in American cinema, she’s been in one too many rom-coms opposite Adam Sandler, and most other famous people seem to genuinely love her.

So it’s no surprise that fellow celebs Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, Lake Bell, and professional vagina rejuvenation rock spokesperson Gwyneth Paltrow showed up to wish Drew many happy returns. But the question remains, what’s happening with Drew’s panties?

In an Instagram post, Queen Goop wishes Drew a happy birthday, saying friends love her for her smarts (good), the way she says her thoughts using words (sure), and…her big panties? Slow down. What?

In a regram, Drew thanked Gwyneth for saying “the sweetest things about me and my underwear and our friendship.” Huh. Guess that leads me to my real question: Any plans to market these bloomers? Because I love a comfy set of drawers.


JLaw’s new engagement ring is much flashier than the one we’ve previously seen, which suggests fiancé Cooke Maroney did the smart thing by asking first and then picking out a ring together. OR we could go the conspiracy route and say she’s been wearing her ring backwards this whole time and has only just turned it around.


  • Rare Hassan sighting: He took Rihanna to a Lakers game for her birthday. They seemed to have fun. [Us Weekly]
  • First Jordyn sighting: She did not appear to be having fun. [People]
  • It’s possible that these two are dating. [E! News]
  • These two are still thrusting their courtship upon us. [Page Six]
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