What's Going On With Kanye West and This TikTok Makeup Guru?

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What's Going On With Kanye West and This TikTok Makeup Guru?
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Though it can feel impossible to remember, it was reported earlier this month that Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West are allegedly divorcing, inspiring a lot of dumb gossip about the divorce (including something about Jeffree Star, but I won’t introduce those worms into your brain). One rumor I did not expect centers around TikTok makeup guru Cole Carrigan, who, last week, posted a series of TikToks claiming that he was instructed by a “former bodyguard” to Kanye West to meet the rapper at a W Hotel late at night. “I obviously can’t say much… I don’t want a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian West, but these are literally the DMs from the security guard—well, ex-security guard—that reached out to me before we started texting, so that’s all I’m going to say on that,” Carrigan said, according to Page Six, sharing alleged screenshots between him and the bodyguard revealed to be Steve Stanulis. (Carrigan never said Stanulis’ name, but his image and name are visible in some of the TikToks.)

Carrigan claims he met West at a party in Bel Air last Spring, which later inspired Stanulis to reach out. “He asked if I remembered him from the party and he said that Ye wanted to meet me tonight,” adding that the bodyguard sent him a nondisclosure agreement.

Naturally, Stanulis is calling bullshit, saying he’s never met or even heard of Carrigan (join the club) and had his lawyer Dmitriy Shakhnevich send the TikToker a letter. “As you know, these images are not authentic, and the statements you made are completely and entirely false. In fact, our client hereby denies ever meeting you, speaking with you or, more broadly, even knowing of your identity prior to January 7, 2021,” it reads. “As such, our client denies, in the strongest terms, all of these false and defamatory statements involving his name and likeness.”

Fast forward to Monday and Carrigan has issued an apology. “In order to for me to stay out of court and not get sued, I have to issue an apology to Mr. West and Kim Kardashian West,” he said. “So hi, Kim, if you’re watching this, I am so sorry, I honestly did this for the simple fact that your husband voted for Trump, and we simply can’t have that clownery in America, so you’re welcome… Second of all, I hope this doesn’t ruin the chances of me getting on the KKW p.r. list, because I’ve been dying for those contour sticks.”

OK. [Page Six]

The internet is littered with anti-maskers behaving badly in public arenas, chastising and endangering everyone around them—that might be the understatement of the century. Those clips proliferate because they enrage, and far too few of those videos document good samaritans fighting back, which is why those of us who’ve been doing our part to socially distance and slow the spread of the coronavirus epidemic deserve the following video.

Below, a man blasts anti-maskers in a Target with disinfectant as Kesha’s “Take It Off” blares overhead. It’s glorious. You’re welcome.

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