When Jeans Meet Yoga Pants, an Awful New Product Takes Shape


Joga, it’s not just your favorite song by Bjork anymore. No, now one enterprising company has taken pants to the next level by combining the style of denim with the comfort of yoga pants. On the scale of awful, this is better than jeggings but worse than pajama jeans. (I once bought pajama jeans off the TV, so I am an expert.) (It was a very difficult time in my life, okay?)

Silver Jeans Co. is making a lot of promises if the press release on Racked is to be believed. Aside from being intensely comfortable (the comfort level, it is over 9000), the pants promise to look like regular jeans, so you can wear them to your favorite yoga class and then put on your ballet flats and go to the store or wherever else you go if you wear these kind of pants. I just imagine it’s an all-day trip to Whole Foods. And then maybe a stop by a wine bar? I don’t know, IANAYP. * Namaste.

Here’s how the “radical unisex” pants are made:

“The top is woven like traditional denim and underneath is a plush knit. This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.”

I don’t know, that sounds like just a bunch of PR speak. I own several pairs of yoga pants (perfect under actual jeans on cold days!) and they don’t really bag out despite not having plush knits or featuring fabric technology that took on the Bolsheviks. I bought them at Target. They do fine.

Despite the fact that the pants are unisex, Silver Jeans Co. is launching both a male and female line. The pants will retail for $78-$88 and are available for pre-order now, if just the thought of owning these miracles of modern fashion is sending you into a state of emergency.

*I am not a yoga person. Never mind the fact that I have at least one “good for six classes” card languishing in a drawer somewhere. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Image via Silver Jeans Co.

h/t: Tracy Moore

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