Which Decade Had the Worst Fashion?


Which decade do you think was the worst for fashion?

The Guardian‘s Hadley Freeman thinks the ’90s were the worst, because of all the skirts over pants and thongs peeking out over jeans that dominated that decade. What’s more, that decade brought boring minimalism to the fore. To that end, Freeman implores us not to bring ’90s fashion back.

But the same can be said of any decade, right? Like the ’70s and ’80s (which Freeman also name checks as ugly fashion decades), or even the ’50s and ’60s, which Mad Men has re-rendered as high points for clothing — but it’s not like everybody back then was dressing like the Draper wives.

Below: Please make your case for the ugliest decade in fashion history as follows:

1. State which decade you think had the worst fashion

2. Explain why

3. Most importantly, upload a photo as an example: a picture is worth a thousand words

Here’s an example from Freeman’s article (which the lede photo exemplifies):

The 80s had bad clothes – no question – but the clothes were at least deliberate statements, from batwings to shoulder pads, and they often related to sociological and cultural issues, whether it was feminism or music. In the 90s, there were fashion trends that had connections to what was happening in the music world (well, grunge anyway. B*witched is no excuse for the 90s obsession with denim so don’t even try that). But mainly what we all wore in the 90s was inexcusable crap – not fashion, not statements, just crap. Skirts over trousers? Floral dresses over jeans? Pierced tongues? No excuses for any of it, I tell you, not one.

So what will it be? The aforementioned ’60s? The 1890s? The 2010s? (we definitely have trends that will make people *headdesk* in the future).

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